We are the Oxford University QuNaT group led by Simon Benjamin. Scroll around the Home page to discover our research stories. If …


Ultimate network?

In a paper to appear in PRX, Naomi and Simon present detailed calculations simulating a quantum computer built from many small units …


Going 100% open!

The last few papers from the QuNaT group have set a precedent that we hope to maintain permanently: We publish in open journals …

New website for all Oxford's Quantum Science

Oxford Quantum site

A new website has been created for all of Oxford University’s quantum science community.


More Bird Brains

The debate continues about quantum effects in the natural ‘compass sense’ that some birds have. The most well-studied species is the European …


A thousand fragments

Our recent paper in Nature Communications explains how we might be able to break up a quantum computer into little, easy to …


Quantum communication

In a recent New J. Physics article, we look at how one could create entanglement between two remote parties by generating, and …