About Us

QuNaT stands for Quantum and Nanotechnology Theory group. We’re based primarily in the Materials Department in the University of Oxford. The University has perhaps the largest number of researchers interested in quantum science of any institution in the world — approaching 200 individuals at the last count. Materials vies with Computer Science to be the second biggest quantum department after Physics.

QuNaT are a team of theorists led by Simon Benjamin and co-lead by senior postdoctoral researcher Erik Gauger. We are interested in all aspects of applied quantum theory, but our primary research directions are

Architectures for quantum technology
Understanding energy flow at the quantum level
Contacting us

Get in touch with us by email using an address of the form FirstName.Surname at Department.ox.ac.uk where Department is Materials or Physics depending on the individual. Meanwhile here’s our physical address:

[person’s name]
QuNaT Group
Materials Department
12/13 Parks Road

If you’re going to visit us, be aware that car parking is pretty tricky in Oxford, but you can park for an hour in Keble Road nearby.