Andrea Rocchetto

Andrea Rocchetto is a student working on quantum machine learning and optimisation.


Chiara Marletto

Chiara is a postdoc who works on Constructor Theory along with Prof David Deutsch.


Ramil Nigmatullin

Ramil is a postdoc who works with the NQIT Hub focusing on designing fault tolerant hardware for quantum information processing.


Stefan Zohren

Stefan is a senior postdoctoral researcher working on quantum machine learning and optimisation.

Annealing a metal by heating and cooling

Quantum annealing

The process called quantum annealing is a hot topic! We’ve posted a preprint which extents recent ideas from an Innsbruck team, for realising such a technology …



We are the Oxford University QuNaT group led by Simon Benjamin. Scroll around the Home page to discover our research stories. If …


Ultimate network?

In a paper to appear in PRX, Naomi and Simon present detailed calculations simulating a quantum computer built from many small units …


Going 100% open!

The last few papers from the QuNaT group have set a precedent that we hope to maintain permanently: We publish in open journals …