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What Is A "Wart"?

A wart is a type of inflammatory skin cancer. It is often treated with antibiotics, but is often resistant to those drugs. Warts grow on the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. Warts are small, often very small. The size of the wart is directly proportional to the number of bacteria in the wart. Most warts are on the back of the hand, with a few on the cheeks or other areas of the body. Many warts are not visible at all, so doctors sometimes see them through clothing.

Treatment of Warts There are many ways that people may be able to stop or prevent warts. One of the most effective options for warts is to use a topical wart-fighting agent, such as gel or cream. These can be applied to a wart daily, for several days in a row, to help kill any bacteria and kill the germs that would be present. Some wart-busting creams may be applied to the wart twice a day for three to four days. Curing Warts While many wart-busting creams will kill any germs that are present, many of them also contain ingredients that can give the patient a temporary rash. These can cause itching, redness, and swelling.

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